Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back After a Break

Well, I have not posted in a while because I have either been out of the state, sick, or taking a break to sort some things out. A lot has happened in such a short time. I have some very sad news which I can not mention as of yet for several reasons, but I will be able to do so in several weeks, I suspect.

I do have some news I can report, and that is that I've been published in the Sept./Oct. issue of Wee Ones Magazine. The story is about a little girl named Penelope who has a report to do on Pluto, the smallest planet (and she's clearly not enjoying it):

I had fun illustrating this cute lil' image, and I'm happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with yet another wonderful new editor! It's always so much fun to meet and work with new creative people. It's amazing how you can communicate with people thousands of miles away, do business with (nearly) no problems at all, learn so much about your colleagues or clients, and yet still never meet them face-to-face! Makes things more interesting, as I never know who I'll meet next, without even leaving my Alaskan icebox!

Speaking of iceboxes, Fall has arrived in Alaska, and now everything is orange. That's right, 50 below is right around the corner! What's it look and feel like where YOU live this week?

Thanks for dropping by today. I hope you have a great week!


crystal driedger said...

Hi Chrissy. Hope you get better soon. As for the weather - it's turning yellow "down" here in Canada and while I don't know much about ˚F... it's nearly at the freezing point each night now. Still nice in the afternoons!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Great news about the assignment, it sounds fun. I hope everything else is ok on your end. Seems like Alaska is getting A LOT of attention right now too. =)

Nikki said...

Hey Chrissy! Thanks for leaving all the comments lately!
And I am glad you are inspired by something I did... I don't often hear that....

Sad to say, but I may not be doing another warm up for a few days... My day job as a PR Assistant has me running our libraries big author event this week. Scott SImon is coming to the Lane Libraries and I am the behind the scenes person who will make sure that everything goes according to plan... Hectic but fun!!!!

I am hoping to keep up the roll though.. I actually started linework from a sketch I did years ago... Another Halloween theme....

It should be ready by the end of the week!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hey Chrissy-
just checking in on you to see how things are going.
I've been thinking about you lately, not seeing any new posts, and hoping you are ok.

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Thanks, Lisa, Nikki and Crystal. Been keeping myself busy with unexpected things popping up, but I promise i will have some work to show soon! :O)