Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Awards Make Happy Days!

Hi everyone! Been working some very odd hours lately, and with so much going on in my life, it's been a long week (and no, it's not over yet). BUT Lisa M. Griffin cheered me up today by giving me a blog award! Thank you Lisa! I totally love your blog & check it daily. Lisa does such wonderful work, if you haven't done so already, you must visit her blog! :O)

Okay, so here are the official rules for the "I Love Your Blog" award:

1. Choose 7 of my favorite blogs to nominate and link to. If I must pick only 7, well here are my top choices: Nikki, Crystal, Steve, KellyFranfou, Aja, and Rachelle. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful work with me! :O)
2. Link the person you received the award from (Thanks, Lisa. :O)
3. Leave a message on the blogs that were nominated.

Now that I have an award-winning blog ;O) it's back to work I go! Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Kelly Light said...

You are too kind- I'll try to figure this out asap

Rachelle Anne Miller said...

Thank you for this kind award! I'm honored to be chosen as one of your favorite blogs :o)

Lisa M Griffin said...

You are so welcome Chrissy and it is so well deserved. Have a great weekend. =)

Steve Novak said...

Thanks Chrissy! I appreciate the mention! The last award I won was "Least Likely to Succeed" in high school...this is a heck of a lot better. ;)

Franfou said...

Merci beaucoup for the nomination !
I really appreciate it !