Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Remove Your Shoes Signs

To help keep your home and little one healthy, we're excited to announce that we now offer Remove Your Shoes entry door signs! They are a great way to politely ask your visitors to remove their shoes and wash their hands upon entering your home!

Take Off Shoes and Wash Your Hands Sign for Baby Girls 

Remove Your Shoes and Wash Your Hands Sign for Baby Boys 

We offer Take Off Your Shoes Signs for CHD Heart Warrior babies and premies as well! Check these and other great signs out on our website: DontTouchBaby.com

CHD Heart Warrior Take Off Your Shoes Sign for Premie Girl 
CHD Heart Warriors Remove Shoes Sign for Preemie Boys 

As a side note, you can now view our Daily Deal on our other websites: PremieSigns.com, CarSeatSigns.com, WashYourHandsSigns.com and coming soon on CHDSigns.com

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