Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Airway Defects Baby Signs for Premies with Respiratory Birth Defects

In addition to our CHD signs, we now offer Wash Your Hands and Do Not Touch Car Seat Signs for babies born with airway defects such as Tracheomalacia,  Bronchomalacia,  Laryngomalacia and others.

Since the premies and babies born with this birth defect are extremely delicate, these signs are a must-have! They're affordable and make great baby shower gifts. They hang easily from car seats with our FREE velcro straps! Pick them up on our website: DontTouchBaby.com.

As a reminder, you can view our daily deal and reach our site through these other websites as well:

WashYourHandsSigns.comPremieSigns.com, CHDSigns.com and CarSeatSigns.com!

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