Friday, May 30, 2008

What I'm Up To

I know some of you are probably wondering what I've been up to as I haven't really posted much in the way of updates in a while. With the new puppy, family, and business I've just been swamped! But I'm having fun, which is always good. :O) 

Here's what I've been up to this month:

Growth Charts
I've been working on growth charts for a client and will show some of those when they're ready. A few are completed, and I still have two more to go, still in the final art stages. Final art takes so very long! It is fun but often exhausting (especially when I'm sitting at the computer all day, switching between paintbrush and digital eraser, hour after hour after hour). The growth charts are 55"  in height, so they take a good week or more to complete final art alone (doesn't include sketching or inking, or scan time). 

With the sketches I ran into some issues with paper size - no way can I scan in 55" paper! So what I did was take the width and height and calculate how small I can go and scale up from there - which was to 22" high paper (2 sheets of 11" paper, taped on the back). To accomplish this and properly ink, I had to buy a new light box (the 18" x 24" size)- and in a hurry - because I really didn't see this project coming, and it was an absolute necessity. Living in Alaska it's so easy to need things NOW and so hard to get them without the wait; one of the few down sides of living way up here! And truthfully I didn't have much room in the studio for a new light box (the place is shrinking by the minute!), but it's made its home on my drawing desk, where it is happy. I'll definitely show you some of those when they are ready - shouldn't be too long now.  :O)

Greeting Cards
I'm in the early stages of creating new greeting card images for licensing (as well as some other licensing projects).

Vet Appointments
Have definitely had a few of those lately, and will have one more next month. Been working on house training the new puppy and keeping him from chewing. Seems like no matter how many toys one buys, they still play with what they are not supposed to! He's still a cutie though.

That's not ALL I've been up to, but at nearly midnight that's all I can think of. Been a long day, and I see some work spilling over into the weekend. Until next time ...

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