Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Piece of Art

I've decided to share another of the covers I did for a client earlier this month (can't go on keeping everything fun to myself!). So here it is, for an activity book on Mazes.

It was loads of fun! Nice, bright primary colors for the preschool ages. And you've gotta love the sun wearing sunglasses! That was all me, so you can see how goofy my thinking sometimes is!

I had an extremely high amount of creative freedom on these projects. My instructions for this one: Incorporate a cute animal into a background, and make it have something to do with mazes. That's all I was told - everything else was up to me. I had to think it all up from scratch, then showed my client the sketches, which were very quickly approved, and then went on to final. He was extremely happy with the end product, which is always my goal! And of course, I was extremely happy to have been given another opportunity to work with him!

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