Friday, August 10, 2007

Back - & More Inspired Than Ever!

Okay, well I could be more inspired ...

After all, I traveled south, whereas the most inspiring scenery (for me, anyway) is north (Brooks Range - I'm convinced there's no better place on earth!).

I took a short "vacation" this week. I put the word vacation in quotes because it involved checking email, writing out quotes and even a few client consultations. What can I do? I'm obsessed with my work!

I had family come up to Alaska from NYC and we took a drive up the Denali Highway for some extraordinary (did I mention inspiring?) scenery. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, wildlife everywhere - I definitely decided that, while interior Alaska is nice, the place to be is in the mountains, where I ultimately hope to reside someday. Yes, so long as there's art supplies, phone and internet service, I will thrive!

Back to present-day: I am doing new mail outs, quoting clients, working on some projects, and redoing a website (which I will definitely link to once complete). My poor YA novels are currently on the back burner, but you can't rush art - visual or otherwise! That's my philosophy, anyway, and I'm stickin' to it!

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