Friday, November 19, 2010

Featured Holiday Card Designs

It's hard to believe that - after Thanksgiving next week - the holiday shopping season is upon us! Where does the time go?! Seems like only yesterday it was Valentine's Day. I wanted to do a quick post to show off a few of my featured holiday greeting card designs above. I've spent hundreds of hours designing new greeting cards this year, with over 6,000 cards currently in my shop & more added regularly! These cards print GREAT and the best part is they're printed here in the USA!
Also pictured (on the light table I can't live without) are some cards from my most recent order. I like to have plenty of cards on hand - they not only make great portfolio pieces, but you really never know when you'll need one! So don't mail out a generic card (on several occasions I've received the same store-bought card from different people!), if you're looking for a unique card this holiday season, be sure to drop by my store and check out my selection! =)

DISCLAIMER: If you follow the link to visit my online store and purchase items associated with my artwork, I will earn a commission.