Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cute & Cuddly (Alaskan) Animals!

Well I can't quite believe it's March already! I've been busy with plenty of little distractions, and some bigger ones, too. I thought I'd show line art of one of the pieces I'm working on this week for the Alaskan Designs section of my store. I'll be sure to post it when it is completed!

I'm so lucky to live in Alaska. I'm surrounded by not only amazing scenery but some of the coolest wildlife anywhere. It makes for great inspiration! One of my more recent scenic trips was to the Arctic Ocean, where I went for a swim (by coincidence) less than 24 hours after polar bears were spotted there! It was pretty funny because the tour guide who drove us there was too afraid to leave the tour bus. =) I just love large animals & have since I was a teen working with them. Now I draw them (as opposed to feeding & cleaning up after them) and draw them often, sometimes for local clients, others for clients thousands of miles away. Check out another polar bear blog post here and view other Alaskan wildlife art in my store here.

For the time being I can't show any other work-in-progress, but please stay tuned! As a reminder, the March coloring page is up on the new blog. Be sure to follow me for a new free coloring page for your kids each month! Also, I'm offering a discount for a very limited time on children's book projects. View my old post for details! Thanks for dropping by & have a creative week!

DISCLAIMER: If you follow the link to visit my online store and purchase items associated with my artwork, I will earn a commission.


Tamara Henderson said...

Hi Chrissy, Your polar bears are adorable!! You're pretty brave to swim in the Arctic Ocean where polar bears were recently spotted. I would have been sitting in tour bus with the tour guide lol.

Loni Edwards said...

Oh so sweet! This reminds of the bear web cam I've been watching. I can't wait for Spring to see Lucy and Hope out of their little dwelling :) Nice job Chrissy!

Amy C said...

so cute, polar bears are such incredible and beautiful creatures.