Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Work for the New Year!

I hope you all got a good start to the new year! Aside from a cold on Christmas Day (which was conveniently gone the next day) I had a great holiday season!

For me, 2010 started off busy. I've been a busy little bee in my studio, creating all sorts of little things for my online greeting card store, some of which are shown above. Since January 1st, my store has grown by roughly 1,000 cards - and that's a whole lot of uploading! Between that and studio projects, I've worked 18-hour days many times. I create a lot of name-personalized cards (Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, note cards, etc.), so research is a must and it is very time-consuming. In fact I've done so much research on names this past few months I'm beginning to feel a bit like a baby-name dictionary! And of course I don't have a card with every name (that may take the remainder of the new decade) but if you're looking for a particular name on the card front, I do take requests through my store!

I am currently taking on new projects, so if you're interested please view my website for my updated portfolio and contact me.

Wherever you are, I hope you're keeping warm. With temps at less than 30 degrees below zero, I'm already looking forward to Spring! You can probably tell by my colorful new designs - a whole lot of shades of green! =) Have a wonderful, creative week!

DISCLAIMER: If you follow the link to visit my online store and purchase items associated with my artwork, I will earn a commission.


Tamara said...

Wow Chrissy, you have been busy your greeting cards look great!!

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Thanks Tamara! I always appreciate comments. =)

Lisa M Griffin said...

BRRRR girl! You must be keeping busy to stay warm. Love seeing and hearing about all you have been up to. Great work on the greeting cards. It is a field of would love to get into.
Have a good weekend. =)