Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving's around the corner. Here's a piece I started out as a coloring page for a children's magazine. It was too cute, so I had to finish it. Titled it: Turkeys in a Barn. These turkeys took about 25 hours to color & detail and were a whole lot of fun to work on!

This image is available for licensing, and in my online greeting card shop as a Thanksgiving card & Thanksgiving dinner invitation. A few of my other tortured turkey cards are also shown below:

All cards (and hundreds more) are available in my GCU store.

I'm busy in the studio into December, working on some great personal & client projects. I'm also excited about the approaching holiday season. The snow's been falling in Alaska (along with the temperature), and it just feels like Christmas! What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

And finally, before I forget: if you have kids and would like to print the coloring page (for personal, at-home use only), please click here.


Loni Edwards said...

I love the colors on this one Chrissy!

It has been unseasonably warm here in the Dakotas! On Nov 6 it was 81 in one town we drove through on the way to the Hills. Wow! Now its colder and windy, so I think Winter has found us! :)

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Wow, Loni, 81 degrees?! I can hardly handle when it's that hot here during the summers! =)

Actually, moving up to Alaska we passed through South Dakota one August. No clue what the actual temperature was but we could swear it was something like 120! It was insanely hot. But 81 degrees in November, wow, you live in the tropics! =)