Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to wish all of my blog readers a wonderful holiday season, and a great 2009! I hope you all enjoy the cute little critters above, illustrated over the past few days, and titled (what else?) "Holiday Friends."

I would also like to thank Nikki for the fabulous blog award! And I'm passing it on to a few of the wonderfully talented illustrators I follow: Scott, Alicia, and Crystal. I'm also supposed to list a few of my addictions, aside from art. Well as long as you don't tell anyone, here they are:

1. Ice Cream (on a cone)
2. Writing (I write YA Fiction =)
3. Monk (great TV Show)
4. Tigers (I used to work with one)
5. Time with family & friends

Thanks for dropping by, for all your comments (which I absolutely love reading BTW), and for following my blog this year. Have a safe and awesome New Year's Eve! =)



Hey Chrissy- thanks for always being so encouraging with your comments. And also thanks for always posting your awesome work for the rest of us to enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2009! Scott

Kelly Light said...

Happy Holidays Chrissy - 2009 will bring you wonderful things -I'm sure!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Happy New Year - I hope this year brings you continued success and more! =)