Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I've actually had quite a bit going on lately, with the holidays drawing near. (Get it, drawing near?) Mostly I've been setting up shops: I've set up an ImageKind shop, as well as a CafePress Shop (which actually looks quite promising, so I'm  really going to add to it the next couple of days and test that out.)

At the beginning of the year I licensed some of my holiday card designs to Blue Turtle Greetings, an environmentally-friendly greeting card company. And I saw my cute little penguin "On Thick Ice" on their front page today! I'm showing "Christmas Deer" below, because how can I post and not show something?

To be quite honest I did little more than read the news all day today, I am so caught up in this election. Hopefully by Wednesday morning I will be able to peel my eyes off the news site and focus more on my drawing table. Probably will be a good idea as I don't get paid to read the news (though I do it so often I probably should be. :)

Thanks for dropping by today!

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Lisa M Griffin said...

Love your holiday card design... Moose and snowmen are my favorites! Glad to hear you are getting plenty of drawing in... how cold is it up in your neck of the woods now???
The leaves haven fallen from most of the trees now and you can truly taste winter in the air, but not expecting any snow anytime soon. =)