Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've Spotted Them!

Okay so I've FINALLY spotted my coloring books in my local Michael's Arts & Crafts store. I've been told by others nationwide that they've seen the coloring books in their Michael's store, but ... well, you know how long it takes to ship stuff to Alaska! :P

These were done back  in January for Playmore Books, one of several projects I've completed for this publisher. I just loved Playmore and was thrilled when they called because I always loved their stuff when I was growing up - it's always been everywhere, and they have such nice and colorful artwork! And now that I think about it, it's weird that as a kid I actually CARED who the publisher was, or that I even checked! Must indeed be my destiny. :O)

Yes, it is VERY difficult nowadays to pick up any children's book or product without checking who publishes it. The habit kind of rubbed off, so now my daughter is doing it, too!

It was fun seeing my work in a chain in-town for a change, it's something that not very many people can experience in their lifetime (not everyone's a professional artist, after all). And it's a wonderful experience indeed. I love being able to hold something printed by the tens of thousands and say "I illustrated this!" and it's great knowing more about it than anyone else -  knowing it's entire history, like how many times I had to start over, how any given cover looked as a concept sketch, what concept drawings came before it, and so on. Just an attachment to the work that others can't have, because they didn't slave away over it. :O)

Even though it's this grand "work of art" for me (funny as that may sound), I'm very well aware that somewhere out there, some kid probably tore the cover, maybe soaked it in water (you know, for fun!), or wrote all over it in black crayon, to the point where it's BEYOND recognition ... but hey, at least the kid liked it in the first place, and that made me successful as a commercial artist! If they print tens of thousands, and they sell, then I did my job well!

You know, often times I think I think too much! :P But I know you creatives out there know what I mean, or at least have an idea!

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Lisa M Griffin said...

WOW! Congratulations. That must have been quite the feeling to walk into a store and see your books staring back at you.
Great work.