Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Growth Charts

Not so long ago I told you about the children's growth chart project I've been working on over the past month or so. Well, it's all finished up and off to print! Lots of 2 to 8 year-olds will be growing up with my work (they measure up to 55"), which makes me very happy! :O) I'm showing one of the charts below (plus a close up), though you can see most of the others (though not all as of yet) on my website.

This was a great project for a great client! Tons of creative freedom and ideas to sort through. A few late nights up, lots of thought over color palettes, some challenges with measurements, but it's finally done and I can't wait to see them printed on canvas! And I think the color choices were wisely made, nice and bright where bright is appropriate.

As always thanks for dropping by! Hope you like what you see. Now back to work I go ...


Lisa M Griffin said...

Gorgeous! I just love this as I am sure that kids will too! What a great project.

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Thanks, Lisa. :O)