Friday, April 18, 2008

Cold Snap Studio - Where Everything is New!

Well, ok, not everything is new, the studio's still the same, but here's what I've been up to:

About 2 weeks ago my computer crashed. So I ordered a new 24" iMac - delivered to Alaska the day after I ordered it - what a surprise! Must've been flown here on a rocket ship, because NOTHING makes it to Alaska in under 3 days. At least, not in my experience! I've played around with it for a while, and I love my new workstation! Everything is so much easier to use. To go with it I got a wonderful new Kodak printer/scanner/copy machine. Already had a printer, but the scanner was not compatible, so I had to fix that. Living without a scanner is like living without the internet - it's just not going to happen!

The weather's been miserable - we got over one foot of snow in the past week. It's finally melting again, but I'm not convinced spring is here. It was -3F the other day. Kind of ironic, as it's late April already! It's never like this (at least it hasn't been in the past half-decade) so this is very surprising!

On the business side of things, I got some fantastic posters in the mail from a client in the United Kingdom who has licensed my images for use on posters, puzzles and window stick-ons in Europe. I'll have to link to her site when she is up and running, but she's been so wonderful to work with and her printing is fantastic! Here is one of the images available as posters and window stick-ons (I may have more up shortly):

I've also done some other licensing which I'll have to announce in a little while, as I'm just not ready yet.

And while I'm at it with all this NEWs, I might as well announce that I've created myself a new logo. This one I meant to be simple but fun and playful, and to scream cute (my studio's all about cute, might as well stop trying to deny it! :)
I've updated my bio on my website, as well as a few other little things.

And that's what's new!

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