Sunday, March 2, 2008

It Puzzles Me . . .

I created this "Goofy Puppy" just 2 days ago, and yesterday I even found him a home, if only temporary. :O) I've licensed him - along with my "Thanksgiving Teddy" and several other images - for use on kids' jigsaw puzzles in the United Kingdom and Europe over the next 2 years! It's very exciting, I can't wait to see the final product - or rather, to put together the final product! So if you're in Europe, watch out for this little guy!

In the end, it puzzles me how I can create a puppy so cute! I actually wish he were real! From the looks of him, he'd be a whole lot of fun! Not extremely intelligent, but fun for sure! :O)

That's what's been keeping me busy lately. Licensing, creating, the magazine ... and I'm starting on a new project as well, when I get around to it (been trying to "get around to it" for over two weeks now and things keep coming up!). It's been hectic, but fun.

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