Thursday, December 13, 2007

Change is Good.

Well, with the new year around the corner, I've stopped recently to evaluate where I was at the beginning of 2007 vs. where I am now. And, I've concluded, I've come really far!

I've come far with my style, my business, my career, and a whole lot of other things, too. I've met lots of wonderful illustrators, have illustrated two books (oh and they're in the mail coming my way right now - I can hardly wait to see them!), have picked up some wonderful clients, and I accepted an art director position with Stories for Children Magazine, where I get to work with many illustrators at all levels. It's been really busy as the first month is underway, but so far I've been privileged to see some wonderful work-in-progress and meet some great new people!

Over the past year, my style has changed a lot, too. I use more color, more detail, and paint digitally now. I've also decided to try out my hand at illustrating for a chapter book. I'll definitely post images as I get them done.

All this thinking about my progress got me wondering where I'll be next year. Which is a good and smart thing to think about, in all areas.

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